Why choose Celia Monk Physiotherapy?

Celia Monk Physiotherapy is based in Christchurch, and offers personalised physiotherapy treatment and advice utilising the McKenzie Method. Treatment also includes manual therapy, sports injury therapy and work related injuries.

We’ve listed a number of great reasons why choosing Celia Monk Physiotherapy is the best choice of physio for your recovery:

Qualified, expert advice

With more than 30 years experience in physiotherapy, manual therapy, post-operative care and the McKenzie Method, if anyone can help you get back on your feet and pain-free, Celia Monk can!

Personalised treatment approach

Every person is different so we work with you to develop an individualised treatment plan, tailored to your condition or injury that is manageable and achievable to ensure a high degree of success.

One-on-one therapy

At Celia Monk Physiotherapy, we treat you as a person, not a number. When you see us, you’ll have our undivided attention and care throughout your entire treatment.

We keep you fully informed

We’ll make sure you understand everything to do with your treatment and treatment options. And if you’re not sure, we are only too happy to answer your questions until you are.

We empower you to get your life back

We empower you to take charge of your health by giving you all the information, knowledge and tools you need to successfully treat your symptoms and reduce the risk of recurrence.

Frequently Asked Questions

A physiotherapist (also known as a physical therapist in the US) uses in-depth knowledge about how the body works and what can go wrong with it, to assess, diagnose and treat your symptoms.

You will be given exercises to do that will help alleviate your pain, restored your movement, and regain your strength as required. The physiotherapist may also use manual therapy (gentle mobilisations without manipulation) to help restore your movement and reduce your pain.

You will also be encouraged to develop self-management skills that mean you will know what to do with any future episodes of pain, especially back pain and neck pain which can be recurring

All three professions are registered in NZ to provide evidence-based treatment. They all assess, diagnose, and treat musculoskeletal conditions like low back pain. All three use exercises, joint mobilisations and manipulation, and soft tissue manual therapy as treatments, but have a slightly different emphasis on each aspect. Very broadly, chiropractors focus more on manipulation, osteopaths focus on soft tissue manual therapy, and physiotherapists focus on exercises and joint mobilisations.

No, only doctors, specialists, and some nurse practitioners can give ACC medical certificates and prescribe medication in New Zealand

Yes! Your physiotherapist will assess and diagnose what is causing your low back pain and will then provide the appropriate treatment, which will include exercises, postural advice, and manual therapy. Here’s an evidence sheet showing how physiotherapy can help your low back pain. At Celia Monk Physiotherapy we have a strong focus on self-management so you will know what to do whenever your low back pain happens again in the future.

Yes! Your physiotherapist will assess how the arthritis is affecting you and will then provide the appropriate treatment. This treatment will involve exercises to relieve the pain and restore your strength, and may include monaural therapy to help restore the joint movement. Here’s an evidence sheet showing how physiotherapy can help with arthritis.

The sooner we see you after an injury, the better. Your physiotherapist can give you the appropriate advice depending on the stage of the injury – whether to rest it or to keep moving, what exercises to begin, and whether further investigations, such as Xrays, are required.

No, you can self-refer to physiotherapy. If it is an injury which may be covered by ACC we can lodge the claim for you. If you need Xrays of an ultrasound scan we can refer you for these too. If you need to see your GP or a specialist we will refer you to them too.

Many conditions take a few months to recover, but we should be seeing improvement along the way. If you’re not significantly improving after 5-6 treatments your physiotherapist may either refer you for an Xray or ultrasound scan, to a specialist or surgeon, or to another heath professional for a second opinion.

Located in Spreydon, Christchurch, our physio clinic is open 8.30am to 5.30pm Monday to Thursdays. If you need emergency care outside these hours ,please contact the After Hours Clinic on 03 365 7777

Yes, either on the street or the double driveway directly outside the clinic.

It depends on what you’re after. Generally speaking, if you want manipulation then see a chiropractor. If you want some self-management advice and exercises then see your physio.

Please contact us by either ringing the clinic on 03 943 3475 or by completing the form on our Contact Us page. We will then contact you with options for the time and day of your first appointment.

Once your appointment is booked we will send you an email with the link for you to complete the online consent process before you arrive at the clinic. We will also send you an email with directions for finding the clinic (It’s around the corner on Cobham St)

Your first appointment is 40 minutes to allow the assessment process and explanation about what’s causing your pain and to discuss the strategies you can use to relieve it. The follow up appointments are 20 minutes in length.